About Sheldon Charron

After a successful career as the CEO of an advertising agency and technology company in Winnipeg, Sheldon Charron transitioned to entertainment, and graduated from New York Film Academy in 2011. In his previous career, Sheldon created content, wrote copy, stories and his photographs were used in hundreds of magazines, ads, catalogs, packaging and other media. He’s also a member of Outdoor Writers of Canada.

In 2011 Sheldon wrote a TV comedy pilot and story bible centered around advertising. He pitched it around Hollywood, was a finalist at the Hollywood Pitch Fest in 2012, pitched it to Fox twice, and they later released it as The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sheldon’s screenplays have been covered by Marvista, Overbrook, Hal Leiberman, Koppelson, Suntaur, Outlier, eOne and many others.

In 2013 he made a co-production and option deal with Amplitude Entertainment for a psychological thriller feature screenplay he wrote called CORNERED. The deal expired and he’s now developing the film on his own.

In 2017, he Executive Produced, Field Produced, Directed and edited Tink Nathan’s Hunting Adventures – a six episode branded content Reality/Outdoor hunting show for Wild TV – a national outdoor channel. He handled all the contracts, production documentation and negotiated the distribution agreement with Wild TV – a national outdoor channel located in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2018, Sheldon worked as an Associate Producer with Frantic films, producing a true crime show called In Plain Sight for Discovery ID.

Sheldon has also produced several shorts, including the 2011 supernatural thriller, Shiver, filmed in Los Angeles, and the 2012 action short Hard Kill, filmed in Vancouver.

To become a better a director, Sheldon has spent the last seven years training with the top acting teachers and coaches in LA. He is a member of SAG, ACTRA, has appeared in films, TV shows, commercials, hosted numerous live events and is equally at home behind and in front of the camera.

As a director with acting experience, he feels he can communicate ideas with talent more effectively, and help actors bring their very best performances to the screen. Sheldon owns his own production gear, sound gear, editing and sound studio.

His goal is to produce one feature film per year for the next ten years, and spend the rest of his time writing/developing/collaborating on interesting, entertainment related content and tech, including films, television, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, web and live projects. IMDB: imdb.me/sheldoncharron.