Behind The Lens

Photography is a side hustle for me, but I love it and continue to do it for fun and profit when time allows. I started in junior high by taking a shops class. We shot on film and developed our own negatives and prints. I began doing freelance photo-journalism at the ripe age of 16. I had my first photo published in the Winnipeg Free Press when I was 18 years old. I shot a ton of wildlife when I was younger, and later, when I had my ad agency, we did a lot of work for the outdoor sports industry. My library of animal photos were used extensively for clients. I also did a lot of the photography work for catalogs we produced. My commercial photography work has been published in print magazines, catalogs, packaging, display advertising, billboards, trade show displays, websites, used in film and television, social media and more. I began experimenting with light painting in the early 2000’s and soon after, was asked to teach a class on the technique at University of Winnipeg. I also perfected a type of event photography that used rear curtain sync, gelled speed lights to create a sense of action and movement.

Wildlife and Nature Photography

Outdoor & Lifestyle Photography