About Sheldon Charron

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Sheldon Charron is a Canadian entrepreneur and the President and CEO of Enter360 Media located in Beverly Hills, California. A hands-on professional, he also produces and directs film, tv and branded content.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, he sold his first business – a cellular phone store called Mobility Plus – when he was 24 years old.

He went on to become a top producing real estate agent and then broker.

Evolution Into Tech and Marketing

Eight years later, when VR tech emerged, he saw an opportunity and startedย Enter360 Media Group Inc.

Focussed on the hospitality industry, Sheldon and his team developed proprietary rendering software to produce the highest resolution VR images available in the world, with interactive maps and floor plans, 3d fly through animations, full 360 degree zoomable images, clickable links, object movies and more. Way ahead of their time, they completed projects for museums, various tourism boards and governments, wellness centers, hospitals, luxury resorts, high end developments and more.

The business evolved into a full-service advertising agency, video production and software development company that serviced numerous high-profile clients around the world.

In 2006, he founded Umbilical Software, an enterprise-level e-commerce platform that was a precursor to Shopify. A contrarian by nature, Sheldon led numerous successful startups in e-commerce, wireless tech, consumer electronics, back-office systems, fulfillment, SAAS and helped develop a variety of tech including self-checkout systems, video compression, streaming, wireless charging and smart home systems.

The company relocated to Los Angeles, California in 2014.

When he’s not running enter360.com, Sheldon also directs, writes and produces film, television, reality TV, commercials, documentaries and branded content for a variety of brands and networks including Discovery ID, History Channel, CBS, Wild TV, Sportsman Channel, Amazon and more.

Some of his documentaries include Minii Ayam – My Journey, The Precision Riflesmith and America’s Rifleman.


Sheldon was a Producer with Winnipeg’s Frantic Films on the true crime series In Plain Sight for Discovery ID.


Sheldon was also the consulting producer that helped create and sell the concept for the new History Channel show The Wild Ones, where white cowboys help a native tribe in British Columbia deal with their wild horse problem, and in doing so, help them regain their lost horse culture.

He also Executive Produced and directed a branded reality tv show called Tink Nathan’s Hunting Adventures for WildTV Canada and Amazon Prime Video and produced several shorts and proof of concepts, including the supernatural thriller Shiver, filmed in Los Angeles, and the action short Hard Kill, filmed in Vancouver.

He continues to work with his team for a variety of clients as President and CEO of Enter360 Media Group.