Los Angeles Headshots

Quality Headshots get you opportunities, interviews, auditions, and help you book work. Actor Headshots are also the primary tool for actors and background performers to promote themselves. You won’t get far without a good set of headshots. Our team shoot headshots in Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York.

Theatrical Actor Headshots

A theatrical headshot really needs to pop. It needs to catch the eye of casting, exude confidence, professionalism and say, “I am damn good, will nail this role with no drama and will not be a liability.” When you have that confidence, and your headshots convey that, you will book a ton of work.

Background Actor Headshots

Background Casting Directors want a headshot that shows what you would look like blending in, so it’s not unusual to include exteriors and interior scenes in the background. Many also want background performers to include at least one medium length body shot.


Commercial Headshots

Commercial headshots should convey a warm, likable personality. You can be more playful with wardrobe and looks, but they still need to look professional and exude confidence. Your headshot photographer should understand the roles you gravitate towards and shoot your looks accordingly.

Los Angeles Editorial & Corporate Headshots for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Social Media

Everyone needs good headshots for work and social media. All companies should invest in professional corporate headshots for key team members and executives. If you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, a good headshot is especially important.


Linkedin & Social Media

Make an impression with a great profile picture for like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook and other social media.

Artistic Editorials

Artistic editorial headshots for musicians, singers, athletes, celebrities, public figures. We will agree on a concept, set a location and do the shoot with props. Bands and groups can be accommodated.

Corporate Headshots

Professional corporate headshots for websites, print and social media. I come to you and set up ahead of time, so you get the shots you need, and get back to work fast.

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You can book me using the website or if you have any questions about Vancouver headshots, photography or video production services in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto or anywhere else, please send me a message.
~ Sheldon Charron